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12 Days ’Til Vancouver | Hockey You Get it

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Micro-vacation to Vancouver…

is right around the corner! I have one more Kings game I’m attending before I fly out. We’ll be playing against the Sabres. I mixed it up with the Blue Jackets game the weekend following my trip.

Nonetheless, I have a very busy October followed by a pretty mellow November and December. It’ll be nice downtime while I ready myself for a much more hectic and vital 2nd-half of the season.

“Busy” October.

I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that I get back from my Vancouver trip right before Halloween. I shrug at the idea of Halloween in California nowadays. Part of me wishes that I had extended my stay to spend it in Vancouver, but a little too late for that.

Thankfully, there seems to be some kind of Halloween festivity happening in their park, so I will definitely want to check that out. I’ve had my share of Los Angeles events, might as well experience it in Canada!

As you can tell, I’m pretty pumped to fly out!

I have a few more trips that I’m planning to San Jose for Penguins, Pittsburgh which is self-explanatory, and Edmonton for the Kings. As of today, Edmonton might change over to Calgary. I am debating a trip to Arizona to see a Kings-Yotes game. They’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the tail-end of the regular season. I might as well take advantage of Arizona being our neighbor so-to-speak.

Update on my teams

I didn’t attend these games and definitely didn’t watch at 100%, especially the Kings match. So I’ll keep these really short, sloppy, and unforgivingly mindless like a terrible kiss lol. I’m still coming down from my spontaneous illness and high-stress from my day job.

Nonetheless, I think I can sum it up this weekend in one tweet.

Kings @ Senators | LOSS 5-1

So I woke up forgetting that the Kings were still on their road trip. Forgive me, I actually do other things aside follow hockey. Lol I know it doesn’t seem that way, but I promise that I do. (Is that anything to promise really?)

You could tell things were a bit in for the worse when Jack was pulled out after allowing 4 shots in our of 11 and was replaced by Budaj. Granted, the Kings have come back from a 5 goal deficit before. If these feats are repeatable is another question.

It was strange going from their shut-out against the Habs on 10/11 to the apparent struggle that happened in Montreal. We’re still having puck management issues on the offense, but we’re definitely capable of playing as we’ve shown that.

It does seem like the rough season start is affecting their morale. Thankfully, the team’s staying positive on top of being honest about what they’ll need to work on.

Penguins @ Habs | Loss 4-3 SO

The Kings shut-out the Habs, but sadly the Pens did not come close.

Most importantly, wow? This game was super fun to watch! DeSmith was doing well showing off his “swagger” in the crease. Honestly, “swagger” was a word that was surprisingly dropped more than I expected. Haha

Secondly, I despise shoot-outs.

Thirdly, Justin Schultz’s ankle/foot injury looks like it’s gonna be long-term. If you were watching the game or have seen the clip, you can tell there’s definitely some kind of dislocation or fracture. Hopefully, we’ll have a better update on his recovery.

Fourthly, my god did we take A LOT of penalties in this game. In the second period alone—where things started to become disorganized—we took I believe eight minutes.

Letang is killing it after being out during the 2017 playoffs due to his neck surgery followed by his recovery and having a bit of an inconsistent 2018. He’s showing his versatility as a defenceman, coupled with the crazy Kessel + Malkin duo, there’s definitely a lot of strength in this team.

That glove-save though.

D-Line & Goaltender Love Spam

So much love for these guys.

What I am appreciating from both my teams is their self-awareness. From the painful fight against the Senators and then the rough shoot-out against the Habs, the teams and coaches have a full understanding that the goaltenders are the last line of defense and that responsibility also falls on the others to give space to better opportunities.

Campbell (and Budaj) and DeSmith are heaven-sent in place of their primary goalies, Quick (out on injury) and Murray (recovery from a concussion).

I’ll take two jerseys, thanks.

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