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The Burton Show + Gotham Cats Process

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It’s been two weeks since I last posted! I’ve been so swamped and exhausted. Once I get working on something, I don’t stop. Also I’ve been keeping up with INKtober of course. 🙂

So I’ve done two simple pieces for the The Burton Show hosted by Popzilla. Click the image above to visit their Facebook page should you want anymore information or just want to see some of the artist who are also participating. 🙂

This is my last group show for the year until next May, unless something new comes up. But until then, it’s smooth yet hectic cruising to prepping for my Solo Gallery November 2015! 😀 

My James and the Giant Peach process is on Facebook so I will post my Batman-related piece process here. 🙂

So my Gotham’s Finest Felines was the 5th idea of a string of ideas I had over the last two months. Very very very last-minute. Last minute meaning 2pm yesterday. LOL I wasn’t completely happy with the previous ideas I had even though I was already sketching them out, but I just wanted to do something slightly out of the ordinary for me because I honestly don’t draw cats that often. Lol

My thought process was literally like this:

Hmm. Maybe I should do a piece with just Catwoman, because cats and pin-up. But I really want Batman in it. Batman pin-up LOL … Catwoman… Batman. Catwoman… cats…. Skyscrapers… Gotham Skyline. … Cats… Skyscrapers. Tall. Cat trees? … Cat trees! … THEMED CAT TREES! CHARACTER-THEMED CATS. ON IT!

So that’s what goes through my head when I’m about to draw something. In this case, the train of thought was all related in some way. In other cases, I go from Dragonball Z to someone drinking coffee. Haha!

This piece was done in Photoshop CC (cats) AND Illustrator CS6 (cat trees). I didn’t sketch out the cat trees AT ALL because I’m crazy like that and it’s always been my process in Illustrator when I’m just wingin’ it. I grabbed my references from the movie which you can see in the picture on the right and just ran with it.

I wanted to keep the cat trees simple so they wouldn’t pull away from the cats. So I know there were probably a lot of other elements from the movies I could have pulled, but for now I like the simplicity. 

Once I was done with the buildings, I did precisely two sketches of the cats in the trees themselves and then proceeded with the coloring. I wanted the sole focus to be on the “relationship” between the Joker and Batman cats, the primary focus being on Joker.

I drew the cats in a way where I could separate them later for prints and such in the future as I will not be selling prints at the Burton show. (I know, sorry >_<).

In speaking of prints, my print store will be taken down temporarily as I will be changing things around. My website is always constantly going through its waves of changes and the store is next on the list. I’ll announce when it goes down. 🙂 

Until then! ~<3