I’ve been super sick these last two weeks, but thankfully, I’m 90% better. 

November 1st is the opening night of Popzilla‘s Tim Burton tribute gallery! Check it out! 😀 I may be there depending on how busy my calendar is. 

I will have two pieces in this gallery. I might be selling prints for one of the pieces. I will be deciding this in the next couple of days because #life. 

A couple of things though, I’m still chugging along on my R&D for my two projects. The first picture is a little bit of that R&D.  Random maybe? 😉

Actually when I think about it, I have three projects. Thankfully two of them are a year’s worth of work, so I’m not in any rush, yet. This 3rd project is an art book I’m planning on self-publishing, just in time for my 2015 solo show hopefully! It’s going to be limited as I’m making these to test the waters when it comes to book publishing. Probably no more than 20-30 copies. However, the closer my ghost deadline is, the more information will come about. 🙂

I recently splurged on a Chromebook (specifically an 11″ Acer C720 model) and I cannot stress enough how I honestly feel like this is the laptop for writers who want something distraction-free, no bells and whistles: meaning NO software like Windows, etc. You literally just work off Chrome-based applications and Google Drive or Evernote, whatever your workflow may be. I am more than content working off Google Docs.

My only gripe? … No Skype support -_-… at least for the time being until Microsoft gives in. However, I do like using Google Hangouts, so now I just need to kindly shove my friends to use it as well. LOL

Since getting one, I’ve felt more organized and happier than any other laptop/tablet I’ve used. I highly suggest one if you’re a writer who likes to really just type and do research, and nothing else.

Anyhoo, the writing and the research is coming along and hopefully I can make bigger updates soon! I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Books shown: