On Taking a Break

Trying to blog on here at least once a week for some consistency. 🙂

Anyway, I’m taking a real break, minus the freelance and gallery work I have here and there. I really need the mental vacation. These last 4-6 weeks have been so strenuous on my brain, especially while I was super sick, that I think a week is a good time to take for myself. 

So, some people who know how I work personally (meaning outside the normal 9-to-5): I’m the type of artist who draws in bursts, which means I tend to draw a lot until I burn out or run out of creative juices and then I take an indefinite break. I’ve found to have most of my eureka moments during my breaks and things feel a lot more fresh and I feel less frustrated with myself. But, boy, do I burn out.

So how do I get out of my art block? I do whatever I would normally do if I wasn’t drawing. I personally try not to feel guilty about drawing as much I know that people tend to say “draw every day if you love it”, but I draw in my head. When I’m not drawing I’m gathering ideas into this box that I can dig through later which regularly ends with inspiration when the box gets full.

I surround and submerge myself in the things I love and enjoy, whether it be comics, video games, and books. Lots of books. So many books. Sometimes I write. I”ll have a piano session. Spend time with the husband. Never forgetting to stop and smell the flowers is really important and it helps with being creative in my ‘solo’ world. This method works for me because I feel less pressure from myself and other people (most of the time). 

At work, however, I’m a horse. When I’m given something to take and run with, I run until my legs give out, and then I’m forced to crawl. LOL Ok, it’s not that bad, but what I’m trying to say is that different methods work for different circumstances.

Making a creative space is always important, especially a stress-free one. I try to keep my space fun and colorful and being a collector makes that easier nonetheless a fangirl. People have been curious about my workspace at home and I’ve posted some shots for fun. You can definitely see a particular theme. LOL