Inktober! … and other stuff?

Inktober is upon us!

Inktober is a lovely initiative created by the awesome Jake Parker.

I will be participating daily/every other day. I missed out on it last year because October was actually a really hectic month for me. This first week might be a little crazy because I have a gallery coming up and I need to focus on that. I’m actually going to do a majority in pencils + India ink. It’ll be nice to have a set of inked pieces.

I’ll be posting these on Instagram, which will be pushed to Twitter and my Facebook page and of course tagged with #inktober.

I need to get back into watercolor but it’s just been the hottest summer in Los Angeles. Being in a century-old apartment doesn’t help since we are livings sans central AC, so we got nothing but box fans. Box fans + sweat + watercolor has not boded well LOL  As it starts to cool down, I will get back on that. Normally just watercolor sketch on the couch, but not anything I would regularly post.

The Burton Show hosted by Popzilla is exactly ONE MONTH from now! So please stop by!

I’ll post more details as it gets closer. ^_^