Download One of my Brushes!

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Two posts back to back, whuh? Yeah. Lol

I’m going to say this now: just having a large collection brushes does not make you a better artist. Just like how filters don’t make you a better photographer, or how auto-tune doesn’t make you a better singer (lol).

It’s how you use the brushes, or any tools, and of course this is all subjective to the artist. For the longest time I was trying to achieve the same look as <insert favorite artist at the time here> and I eventually just gave up and was much happier making my own brushes.

This brush is my universal brush I use for everything, especially color sketching like above. I do make my own brushes from scratch and this just takes so much time with testing until it feels right. I do have a brush I mainly use for just black/white sketching for harder edges, but this is my go-to textured brush.

It does have pen tilt if your tablet supports that. It’s something I use a lot. 

Have fun!


Please note that this is a TOOL PRESET and not a BRUSH PRESET.