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Drawing while sick is the most obnoxious thing to me because it’s—you know—I can’t explain it really, except that it seems like I’m picking up on some bad habits once again and consistently doing said bad habits. So if I catch myself doing them, I just back away from Photoshop for a bit to regain a bit of my sanity.

I haven’t streamed myself drawing (+ cam) in a long time. With the changes to Twitch, I have moved to Hitbox, but it’s been pretty dead for awhile. So above was testing my recording system now that I have a computer that can handle it without thinking it needs to expire itself. I’ll probably get back into time-lapse videos on bigger pieces. Maybe the Spirit of the Wind gallery piece… Σ( ̄□ ̄lll). I’m normally snacking like a monster when I record myself, so that’s always fun to watch.

Uh, so, I will have to be honest, working on Project Teatime by myself is just outright weird. It’s tough. It’s intense. And, it’s weird. It’s tough because I’m one person. It’s intense because it’s a ridiculous amount of work. It’s weird because it’s like I’m just talking with myself, by myself, and I seem crazy to those who don’t really know what I’m doing. LOL But, at the same time, I’m going to look back on my logs and be like:

“Holy $#!%, you did this… and, yeah, you sounded a little psychotic, but that’s ok! We’re all psychotic! [spams home row on keyboard]”

Who knows though. Depending on where I take it, I might ask for a bit of assistance. For what? I have no idea. Editing. Social media. Carrying my crap to conventions (yep). I’m not kidding when I say this is a super-secret project for me though. I would need someone cereal. ^.^

Once I hammer out all the group shows I have, I’ll be able to focus on my art book (which I finally have a title for; you can thank some hilarious generator I found). I’m actually excited to design the cover. Why that specifically? It’s probably the graphic designer in me screaming. I also have all the questions pertaining to my arting that I was asked back in the day, so those will still apply to the content. I may reach out one more time to see if I can get anything refreshing.

Society6 prints and stuff. I’m still curating my own work for this. I’m being selective because I want to see what works on other products and a lot of them simply just don’t work, sadface. It’s a pain in the butt, but it will be done.

Anyhoo! Group show information below!


Time After Time (Popzilla Gallery)  •  Spirit of the Wind (3tarts)

These are also listed on my Events page for details.
The links go to the curator and/or event page.