Before & After | Overcoming Road(ART)blocks

Three year difference up there. lol THREE. Can you believe that? 

Anyway, I’ll keep this short. 😛

We all have roadblocks—physical, emotional, and mental—at different levels of “strength.”  Me? Emotional and mental. It’s been like that for… mmm… probably 25 years now. The causes of these roadblocks are probably all too familiar to a lot of people out there, so I’m not going to get into details.

I have my good days, my bad days, my meh days, and my omfg-why-is-hell-on-earth days.

I’m a big believer on balance and the seven nodes of the human body (aka chakras). The toughest chakra to overcome is the “crown”—your mind, your head, your brain, the thing that always seems impossible to shut off. The thing that can make you your own worst enemy in so many different ways. The creative block creator.

But, I’m not going to give a lesson on chakras, I’m just going to kindly suggest two out of a several things that are helpful reminders that there are better things on the horizon or… dun dun dun! that… I’m not a terrible artist and/or person. Because let’s be real here, who hasn’t ever thought that?

So a movie and a book is what I have to suggest here—both pretty awesome, in my oh-so humble opinion.

The very basic gists of the both of them is:

You’re not alone.
You’re human and mistakes are fine.

Do what makes you happy and do it for yourself.
And, most importantly, don’t give up on whatever it is that makes you happy.

Chef is on Netflix and the book is literally a steal for it’s price on Amazon.
Try them out. They’ll help in some small or big form.