An Update on Just About EVERYTHING I’ve Been Asked About

Project Teatime vs “Portfolio”

So, I thought I’d be able to keep it open to public long enough, but my project site is now closed from public and requires a password! D: I didn’t think I would get to this point, but I just started adding “spoilery” art and some writing stuff and I don’t really want it all out there, haha. Only specified potential employers or persons involved in my little project will be granted access. D:

Now, what am I putting on my normal portfolio? For the general public it’ll most likely be gallery work + professional work (if applicable and allowed). I’m still cleaning everything up. I was pretty serious when I said I was keeping the visually new stuff (regardless if it’s related to this project or not) separated from everything and I’m keeping true to that.

This project has gotten past 40GB in a matter of a few weeks and I’ve literally dedicated a HDD to its lonesome. I feel a little bit crazy. Just a little. Most likely because I constantly have coffee or matcha in my veins. After drawing a single character’s outfit about… 28 times… it’s just, you know, you’ll eventually think to yourself “This person isn’t real and I really need to get out.” Haha!

But, to balance my little art bubble out, I’ll probably do a self-made 30-day challenge of whatever the feel the subject should be. I’ll a roll a D20+D10 or something and if I crit, I’ll have to draw a piece specifically to print (yeah, this sentence just happened). I haven’t done a challenge in a while, but I feel like it would keep me from being eaten alive. So, stay updated on that.

Prints & Store.

I have been asked about my prints, because well, I did take my store down. I will be moving everything I feel that is print worthy over to Society6. So, yes, that is going to happen in the very near future. I will probably run a separate store on Etsy on my watercolor and ink stuff—the real media stuff or canvas prints I have laying around—but I’ll delay that because I don’t have the time to run out and mail something (gods, that sounds really sad o_o).

Commissions & One-Offs.

I still do commissions, yes. Right now I’ve selectively limited myself to wedding-related pieces. LOL Why? Because they’re always adorable and I love the quirky requests I get. I actually have an on-going wedding project for a nerdy couple (the nerdy part is always a bonus). Being able to Skype with them about the project they had in mind was super fun.

I actually have other fairly tiny business things on the side as well that I will wait on finalizing.

Galleries & Group Shows.

Yep, it still stands that I will be taking a hiatus of undetermined length after all the ones of my interest are done this year. I know, it’s kinda a big decision for me. It’s a big-decision kind of year for me. I haven’t quite updated my calendar as I’ve been absent-minded, but I’ll hop-skip to that ASAP.

Art Book

Yes, still happening. But with the changes to my solo show (which the status has actually changed) and the changes I’ve been making to everything to my art, I’ve decided to wait until I hit 60%+ on Project Teatime’s progress. Right now I’m hovering like an exhausted bumblebee at 25% because production averages suck.

Sooooo, yeah! That’s all I have for now. 😀

Kim out.