Holy hell, it’s been over a month.

Anyway the video from above was cut from a 4-hour stream I had two nights ago. It was for fun as I was simulating on one of those visual novels and this involved a friend and Marvel characters. HAHA But that’s why there are multiple quick-and-dirty facial expressions. The end result–which I won’t be post here sadly–left me laughing in tears.

The day job has been slamming me and I’ve finally found the time to blog for once. When I get home it feels like I’m just drooling from the mouth, but I somehow make it work. I don’t know how, but I do. It’s kinda worrisome. Lol

I’ll be working on my Spirit of the Wind piece soon now that I can shake everything off (ha, “shake it off”) and refresh my mind—meditate for once especially because I feel so out of balance emotionally and mentally and feeling that way is not anything I truly favor.

Personal project is moving. I’m at a point where I can probablyprobably—start drawing the first “volume” pretty soon here. The characters look good at the moment until I feel like I need to change something drastic, which is why I’ve been spending so much time drawing them because once I settle on how they look, that’s how they look “forever.” I have to update the website as well. When I feel that it’s in a good spot I may make it public. >:3

The plan is to draw the entire first volume, however long that is. Since I wrote the story in chronological order I have to create a timeline so I know how to order certain events, flashbacks, flash-forwards and everything in-between. So we’ll see. I’m excited!

Anyway, wanted to keep this quick. I’ll be back soon seeing that Comic-Con is right around the corner.