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Welcome to my new site! 🙂 There are little things that still need some tightening up, but so far so good I think. I’ve neglected it due to my day job and when I get home I normally crash really hard on my couch. D:

Where have I been?

I know… I’m terrible. Well, my life has turned into a live-to-work situation—hopefully this is a temporary circumstance. It makes me a little sad because I do miss drawing and doing full-colored pieces at home as often as I used to, especially watercolor painting which is something I like to do during the day. In addition to my current responsibilities, I’m also a sketch artist at work (the only one really, lol) but unfortunately all of that work is “NDA” so it’s on a password-protected page of my site. I sketch a lot “behind-the-scenes.”

Because of this mix of work and pleasure, I’m not as good as I could be… question mark? Who knows, I’m an artist and it comes with the territory of being my own worst critic. HA! But, I definitely feel like I could’ve gotten better at drawing. However, I have gotten skilled in other creative areas that I wasn’t expecting anyway. There’s a bit of a trade-off in some way.

So, there is a little bit of inconsistency between my posting on Instagram—which I live on more than any other social media account that I have—and my art Facebook, mixed with my personal FB page. It’s just all a mess! That’s entirely my fault so I apologize. This blog post is merely for my art page to “catch up”! 🙂

I’ve archived my old blog, you can find a link to it in the column on the right, just in case you want to find old downloads and stuff.

I’ve been trying to make a time-lapse video of the current thing I’m working on, but I happened to leave my recording software on for 10 hours straight last night, soooooooooooooo, I’m gonna figure that out until I post my next video. LOL

Anyway, small recap gallery below of all my recent Instagram doodles. 🙂

Have a good evening!

<3 K