2016 Updates! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

FAQ page has been updated, btw. 🙂


So, I have about four group show galleries this year, the first one landing just around my birthday in //mid-May// HAS BEEN CHANGED TO AUGUST!! 😀 … which probably means I won’t be there on the opening night. D: Venues haven’t been confirmed as of yet, so I won’t update my Events page until I have definite information on that! 

Two of these galleries are Disney- and Star Wars-themed though! So right up my alley.

I’m indecisive on prints. I normally just sell the one original print at the show and then later on—assuming the original was purchased—down the road I will do a slight variant and sell prints of that one. But we’ll see! I’ve pulled from selling prints lately because I was incapable of handling my own shipping from being far too busy with other things.


Brave the Fog is going and going and going. I have a lot of writing to do for the prologue and that’s probably the most time-consuming on top of just drawing the characters over and over and over again to make sure they feel just right. You know how it is. I’m making tweaks to the website (closed off from public) as I go and hopefully I get to the point where it can be the hub of information for it! This project is pretty easy-going and cute, so it’s a nice change of pace.

Novaeria, aka “Project Teatime” back-in-the-day, I’m also working on that every other day at least becauuuuseeeeeeee, after taking a step back and thumbing through the writing, I ended up chopping out huge chunks of the story to simplify things… 180k words later LOL—I even axed out some characters! I had to make some tough decisions because I didn’t want to make things more complicated than they needed to be. Thankfully, 80% of the writing is pretty much done as far as main story arc; now it’s really just cleaning up and finessing the pieces that need it. This project is just so overwhelming that it makes me go off-the-radar LOL So, depending on how fast I can get through the editing etc, I can finally start sketching out the entire prologue.


Livestreaming/Process Videos

I have an unannounced/unadvertised livestream on Hitbox.tv. I’m not usually talking though and I may have a friend or two playing moderator in my chat to entertain the wandering souls. Haha. When I feel up to it, I’ll drop a time lapse onto my videos page. 🙂 Latest one from last night is below!


Artist Alley Table(s) and the… Art Book >_>

Soon™? … ( ̄ロ ̄lll) I’ve been joking about having a part-time assistant (or coffee runner), but it might get to that point in the next year or two if I feel like I’m up to my ears in work.

I’m constantly asked about this. Like… constantly. It sucks when I meet that random stranger or friend who goes:

“… Sooooooooooo, are you ever gonna sell <insert piece here> or a book?”
“When are you going have a table?

In the back of my head, I have so much more going on—the cost, the logistics, the numbers, etc. So my answer is: I will have a table when I feel like I have a decent amount of merch to sell, on top of one or two limited pieces. Trust me when I say I have a to-do list… an extremely long to-do list from the nine circles of Dante’s inferno. D: 

To be honest, when it comes to conventions, I like walking around and supporting the other artists by throwing my money and love at them, especially the ones who deserve far more credit than they get. I’m a sucker for original pieces. It’s a tough world out there for most creatives and we all just really need to keep an eye out for each other the best we can.

My art book? *sigh* Maybe after I curate through my own crap and figure out the numbers side to self-publishing. It takes a lot of work to make a book. That’s not me complaining about the amount of work; that’s me complaining about finding the time! Haha But I did tell myself that once I figure out the printing part, I wasn’t going to get no more than 30 made. I kinda want my first book to be special in its own personal way as art—in general not particularly as a skill—has saved me in many ways.

Oh boy, this is getting long. But yes! That’s all for now. Just keep up to date with my doodles on Instagram or Facebook. 🙂