24 Days ‘Til Vancouver | Other Vacay Plans?!

Clearly an A-Type Traveler… Can’t You Tell?

It’s funny how traveling almost turns you into a different person, for better or worse—nonetheless travel planning. Despite my flexibility to be spontaneous, there are certain things that I make lists for. Traveling is number one and then there is grocery shopping, followed by the lists I make at work.

Google Keep? Didn’t really care much for its existence so much that I removed it from my Chromebook. (Yes, I have a Chromebook, it’s great). Now here I am making lists up the ass for my little Canadian trip.

Upon reminding myself that where I am going actually has Fall-Winter temperatures, I managed to gather most of the clothes I will be wearing out an’ about, which surprisingly will not be a lot. The reason why this pile looks so huge is because of the thicc Penguins varsity jacket under it. ^_^” Still trying to figure out how I’m gonna cram everything into my luggage with it being so bulky.

That jacket is going to cause me problems in general, seeing that I am walking into Nucks territory after all. 🙂

Being someone who loves train’ing it around the place if I have the opportunity to, my Airbnb is conveniently located right next to a Skytrain station, which, h’okay, that’s kinda fucking awesome? Thankfully, I’m desensitized to living next to busy traffic and train tracks. I’m just happy that everything I need access to, I actually do have access to.

While I was doing quick’n’dirty research on the Skytrain, the internet shoved more wanderlust at me and so happened to give me an idea of what I want to do for my birthday next year.

Meet the Rocky Mountaineer. Think Hogwarts Express, but… Canada.

How does an 8+ day train ride through West Canada sound?

Uh, fucking amazing? Sign me the fuck up right now.

Would go I solo? Hell yes.

It’s kinda funny. I was telling my coworker about this while we were on a walk to get coffee and he said, “It’s like you’re going soul-searching, but like, in Canada.” He’s not wrong.

The trip I’m looking into starts in Calgary and ends in Vancouver. On the route, Banff and Lake Louise are bound to steal my heart. Why? Take a look.

Yeah, I thought about the movie Frozen too, don’t worry about it.

You know what immediately crossed my mind though? Kayaking.

My god do I love kayaking and I won’t be able to describe how I would feel being on the water here. No ocean current to fight; no sea cliffs to worry about, just this lone peaceful lake that you can just drift on.

I do look forward to seeing Calgary. What I’m hoping is that I manage to plan this trip while the hockey season is still going. If not, that’s fine too. It’s not like I’d have time to wander and buy Flames swag.

I’ll talk more about this train ride later, it’s getting late. So, let’s end on what I’ll be parading around in come October 27.