A Month Out

Interestingly, while I was preparing on what to pack for my trip up to Vancouver for the Nucks v Pens game, making my task lists and all that Type-A personality nonsense, it hit me:


Wait—I’m not traveling to a city in California.
… I haven’t checked the weather up there.
I should prooooobably do that.


Nothing like warming up with a tall glass of beer… I mean coffee.

… We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Ah, right. I actually need to wear boots and boot socks, stock up on layers, and all that waterproof goodness. A Canadian tuxedo? I don’t think I’m worthy of that just yet.

It’s been so warm-ish in Los Angeles, that I haven’t yet accustomed to my Fall-Winter wear. Almost like I don’t know where half of that Fall-Winter stuff is. I feel like I’m going to start flipping my closet upside down.

The problem with Southern California is that we don’t have seasons, nor do we ever have obvious transitions into different weather and the only temperature anyone is comfortable with predicting is, “It’ll probably be hot tomorrow,” and I can assure you that you’ll be correct 8 out of 10 times.

On the flipside, you could wake up in the morning to a pouring thunderstorm, but the second you step out after getting all of your layers on, it feels like 100 degrees outside, and, wait, you’re no longer feeling the rain.

You’re just sweating profusely.


It’s not usually that drastic, but I swear, if I had to describe the weather I experience in just a day, I would call in schizophrenic. I commute towards the beach side. My neighborhood could be warm, but the second my train drops me off in Santa Monica, I’m wishing I brought a hooded jacket.

Anyway, yes, I’ll be that Californian in a real-weather’d city.

I love experiencing different weather other than melting hot and lukewarm. I only got to really experience this in Colorado and New Mexico so far—sleet and snow, the sharp painful gusts, so much fun. It’s fun. It’s really fun.

In speaking of fun, I’m wanting to plan another Canada weekend-trip in February or March, in the dead of winter because apparently, I want to be stuck at the airport. Depending on how bad the weather is—if I remember to check the said weather—I might just go to San Jose instead to see a Sharks game.

… Edmonton? … Calgary?
Oh man, Arizona. Lol, Vegas. I actually haven’t been to Vegas in a few years now.

We shall see. I should start bookmarking Airbnb spots for all of those locations soon. Nail down most if not all of the Pacific Division stadiums this season, which will be pretty cool.

Only… 22 stadiums to go.