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A Weekender: The Do-Nothing Vacation

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I’ve had my share of domestic and international travel. Some activity or event filled every waking moment. It’s exciting to explore and take advantage of the time you have in a new “world,” but it can also be overwhelming while you’re on vacation for whatever the reason.

Little Things

I come from a family who liked to capitalize to “grandeur” events. Long, expensive vacations. History-book tourist traps. Things that make much less fortunate people go, “I wish I could afford to do that.”

I became one of those “less fortunate people” because I chose to move out at 18 and was pretty much super broke until right after I was legal to drink. Which was pretty much around the same time I was living near the Honda Center and kinda able to kinda afford hockey tickets. Even then, I was living by the check.

(Living by the check is a very common out here in general).

Hockey games, amusement parks, bar-hopping, comic conventions, and kayaking were my getaways in my 20s. At least it was this way while I was living in Orange County.

When I moved to Los Angeles, my life changed a lot. I was more inland, so anything near the beach was extremely tedious to plan with the east-to-west traffic. Let me add that prices for things here are a lot more inflated than Orange County.

With that, kayaking was out of the picture for a bit. Bar-hopping came to a slow, if not an immediate halt, except for work-related outings. Soon enough, comic conventions slowly disappeared.

Nonetheless, hockey games slowly trickled in and out of my life when my neighbour and I became good friends. When I wasn’t at a game, I made a habit to visit my regular bar to catch a broadcast. I eventually stuck to watching at home because I was tired of fending off weirdos.

Simplifying the Reason

I think there’s a lot less pressure to be 100% booked on a weekender, especially if you’re doing what I’m doing and planning trips based around one or two hockey games.

It wasn’t until I hit about 29 or 30 that I surprisingly began to understand that doing nothing or doing something incredibly simple is as healthy as being productive… all in moderation, of course. I forget how I decided to adapt to the whole, “Okay, we’re just going to roll with the notions.”

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