Hey there—the name’s Kim O’Reilly!

I have worked as an artist and designer for the Walt Disney Company and Disney-ABC Television Network in Burbank, an ad agency in Hollywood supporting most if not all of the major movie studios, and now I am currently a design lead at Activision HQ located in Santa Monica, CA.

When I was about five years old, I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the first time. Whatever the reason, I felt that I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, so I began drawing animals of the sort and was obsessed with collecting animal books.

As time went by, life threw some curveballs at me. I decided to take a risk in discovering what I wanted for myself—my life, my career, my friendships—even if that meant sacrificing what would be considered a stable support system.

After some melodramatic blood, sweat, and tears, I have found myself working in the entertainment industry and now currently wherever I am now.

Specific interests within pop culture, social movements, and notable events from my childhood take form as transparent or ambiguous subjects in what I draw, intentionally represented in a sense that seems without meaning.

Nonetheless on my free time, I’m playing piano, drinking too much nitro cold brew, watching pro-fights or hockey games, playing video games, practicing piano and ukulele, collecting art and photography books, playing around with Google Sketchup, programming visual novels, and eating a lot of avocados… and ice cream… and pizza… and burgers… and sushi… and burritos… and buttered toast… and salsa… and fries… and… . …. …

People have been curious about the music I have used on my livestreams and timelapse videos on my Instagram. I have reposted some tracks on Soundcloud and a majority of my favorite artists/playlists are in my Bandcamp collection.

I am a big follower of Chillhop Music. So if you are big on indie musicians like I am—especially of the jazz, triphop, chillhop genre—please show them some love and support by donating and purchasing their music.

The recurring artists in my posts are…