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Age is… Just a Number?

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During my stay in Vancouver, I discovered my Airbnb host was a Winnipeg Jets fan. I mean, he had a flag in his living room, hanging on the window to his office. How much he was into hockey, I wasn’t really sure, but based on the brief conversation I had with him, it was enough for him to state being Jets fan was better than being a Canucks fan, and saying the Kings were getting old and slow.

I know age is a “clear” factor in the projection of a player’s success, HOWEVER, if that’s a lot of people’s arguments, we should take a look at a few mold-breakers. If I were to use the Penguins as an example, the lead point holders on the Pens are well past their “prime,” which is ages 24-26. Sidney Crosby isn’t quite the “kid” anymore, but as his throne is contended by Connor McDavid on the Oilers, he still holds his own and proves that he is indeed the best in the league, at the age of 31. Of course, other people may disagree and say McDavid is the absolute best.

I hate to say it, I really don’t follow the Oilers nor did I really “care” about McDavid. I’ll admit that I was in my own little team “bubble” and that I didn’t really pop it until recently when a few friends [cough] started being vocal about being anti-Kings and anti-Pens. And, at least not until recently as I have a tiny handful of friends who are Oilers fans and or from Edmonton. McDavid definitely added some spunk to the already “low-scoring,” “low-points” team.

Anyway, sorry for the segue, as I was saying about saying the Kings faults are their ages, I actually disagree. I’ve seen many a team with veterans who were amazing until their late 30s and early 40s. Age is a definable factor in determining projections on a graph, but it can’t indeed set the realistic precedence taking consistent and natural talent into account–if we really want to call it “talent” or some-people-just-learn-better-and-faster-than-others.

NYR vs LAK – October 28, 2018

I didn’t catch this game at all so I can’t really speak for it. I’m not gonna rehash what plenty of others have written either. Considering that for October, them breaking their losing streak is a bit of a big deal.

But it was nice to see Martinez doing some good work. Social media rumorville has barked that he could have been traded, along with Clifford, and Phaneuf, especially if losing the HC wasn’t an option. Per Blake’s “needs,” a change isn’t going to happen.

Who knows, if there are unknown talks of an HC change, this win might have just delayed the relief of Stevens.

“Looks like you can’t come back to town now that the Kings are on a winning streak.”
– My friend high school Matt

Thanks, Matt. Lol, but it’s true.

I’ll be attending the game when the Blue Jackets are in town, so let’s see if my presence really does play a part in their L.


The Kings and I haven’t had the most fabulous relationship. Whereas the Penguins and I despite our long-distance situation, we’ve been fantastic. Most of the Kings games I’ve attended up until even right now, a majority of them have been losses. It’s really just my luck.

The most games I saw was when Budaj was starting. That says a lot. But I was a big supporter of Budaj for doing what I considered to be the “impossible” and thankfully I got to see him get through with a W before he was traded over.

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