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Us-Time & Seattle Trip

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I finally had spent some well-earned vacation time on a mid-week trip.

Just going to preface that I have been so busy since… well… January of this year. I believe the last you heard from me was my trip to Denver, last December. Even so, that post was incomplete.

And my god, a lot has happened. (Isn’t it kinda obvious)?

Thankfully, hockey is just around the corner! So league-craziness will ensue sooner than I expect. I can’t wait to sport the team swag once again.

Gerome Visits Los Angeles (Again)

“Wait, wait, wait—who’s Gerome?”

Short Story:
My fiance, who lives in Belgium

Long Story:
I’ll have the synopsis in a future post.

Carrying on!

He stayed for most of August and I had worked some of the time. It was probably the most realistic time we spent as a couple—you know, having a routine and all.

We spent a lot of time eating and cooking, watching movies … and eating. Drinking coffee. Spending an unhealthy amount of time at Target.

Seriously, so much food.
Takoyaki Tanota @ 626 Night Market

Our digestive tracts were running faster than we were driving to the grocery store. Whole Foods couldn’t get enough of us.

In all seriousness, it was nice spending time as a couple. Being in a long-distance relationship means a lot of our connection is 100% supported through digital means. Physical presence makes all the difference.

If anything, we are very true to the Taurus + Scorpio connection, if you just happen to take entertainment in zodiacs. (I think I’ll have to blog about it sometime).

Weekender Itch

As much as I “love” Los Angeles, something in my gut said, “Hey, you know, it’s been a hot minute since you took a weekender. *hint hint* … *nudge nudge*”

Goddamnit, Weekender Voice in My Head, you’re right.

Ironically enough, Seattle was always on my mind for the last five-to-six years. My last real weekender was Denver, but can we really call that a weekender? That was definitely a vacation (with a little bit of a soul-search).

I said the same thing when I went to Vancouver.
Something ’bout the PNW.

AirBnB and flights were booked before he even left Belgium, we were all-in.

Seattle Trip!

The Futuristic Space Needle!

Stuffed full with a two-weeks worth of coffee and home-cooked meals, we took our two-and-a-half-hour flight to Seattle. Yes, it was raining. I mean, it’s Seattle. We were a hop, skip, and a train ride from our AirBNB.

We dropped off our bags and started to explore downtown.

As we were only going to be in town for not even three days, our days were packed to the brim. The Seattle City Pass helped a lot in giving us a full schedule, even if the spots were a little tourist-trappy. I’ve never gotten to spend meaningful time in Washington and Gerome’s never been, so I feel we had to be tourists this time around.

With our pass, we did four of five “experiences,” unintentionally skipping the aquarium (which is surprising for me. The four experiences we chose are below:

Space Needle | Museum of Pop Culture | Argosy Cruises | Chihuly Garden

If you’re all about doing these kinds of things, even if it is a bit touristy, I highly suggest the City Pass. You definitely get your money’s worth.

Our first day, we visited…

A VERY busy first day indeed. We knocked out pretty fast once we got back to our home-away-from-home.

Escaping the Bustle

Ferry Dock | Seattle, Washington
Ferry Dock | Seattle, Washington

Being the early birds we are (not quite), we stumbled out of bed a couple of hours later than planned. Thankfully it worked to our advantage—meaning, we got enough rest to face our second busy day.

We stopped by Target to grab some dry food to take with us then walked to the ferry harbor, doing a little bit of window shopping and getting coffee at the Starbucks Reserve.

Soon enough we were on the cozy (and cold) ferry to Bainbridge.

Art is the thing that created the initial connection between Gerome and me, even if it was simply following each other’s IG art accounts. Graffiti was involved in our lives in very different ways. An abandoned sawmill in Bainbridge is what drove me to pitch the weekender to Gerome—an “unofficial” graffiti wall/building in the middle of nature.

Of course, he was sold.

Artistic Expressions

Harmony between Graffiti and Nature | Bainbridge Island, Washington

I was worried about this place having obnoxious visitors, taking into consideration the nature of the building, but we lucked out: it was quiet, peaceful, and just us. The building was just as awesome in person like it was in the photos I found prior to the trip.

We spent about an hour there, enjoying our quiet time together, taking our faux-engagement photos. After we hopped out of the building, we made our way to the labyrinth.

Labyrinth @ Hall Hill | Bainbridge Island, Washington

There was a laminated pamphlet in a wooden box near the start of the circle that talked about the creator of this mosaic labyrinth. Gerome was reading it out loud as I did my walk.

If you’re into that kinda thing, granted the environment is peaceful, walking a labyrinth can feel like another form of meditation. I normally like to retrace my steps after spending some time in the center. It feels like an accomplishment and leaves me clear-headed for a time.

Gerome walked his path and I quietly sat and waited on the boulder right outside of the circle. It was a different experience I would have to say. I never had someone with me on trips like these. The lone wolf as I naturally am, I had to get used to sharing these moments in my life again.

Upcoming Trip(s)

I will be in Belgium for nearly three weeks for the holidays! Seems like the holidays are becoming time for me to travel, which I don’t mind.

Spending the end of a year and the beginning of a year in Los Angeles gets a little mundane, so a nice weekender spices that up.

Until next time!

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