I mentioned my work-life balance was crazy once upon a time ago. It was predictable as much as it was relentlessly unpredictable: working around a schedule that lacked any forward-thinking draining most of my energy, driving me to burn the candle at both ends, eight days a week. I was feeling overburdened and frustratingly exhausted. Driving through LA during peak hours also makes my eye twitch beyond my well-being. I’ve been doing freelance for nearly eight years now and for more than half of this…Continue Reading “It’s All in the Work-Life Balance”

This kinda touches on some of the underlying reasons why I’ve limited posting 98% of my art to two places: here on my portfolio and Facebook. “Kim, you can, you know, just ignore it.” Maybe. But sometimes it’s easier said than done with some people. And technically I don’t care what people think of my art because I post some very unfinished drawings. XD The following two images I’ve found on Instagram in the last couple of days while perusing the #art hashtag. They are…Continue Reading “Please, Be Kind to Each Other”

Before I kick off, I want to say right away that this is merely having an opinion on things based on observations and experiences. I know I’ll have people disagreeing with me, and that’s quite alright! So as an artist, I’m a professional in a sense that I’m a paid creative—I’ve had jobs, worked at studios, have clients, etc etc. Am I someone to look up to and find inspiration from? … Probably not. Probably. Really depends on who you ask. LOL I can definitely…Continue Reading “On Style and Social Media | (Warning: Gratuitous Table-Flipping)”

I’m all about breaking social norms, within reason—meaning that just because I’m doing something that’s socially considered to be outside the norm, doesn’t mean I’m going to run around being overbearing and/or force-feeding my ideals down other’s throats. I don’t break norms to make a scene, or to stand out, I do it because that’s what I naturally do for me, myself, and I. I’ve always lived my life this way. It makes things far less mundane, especially creatively. It makes my life fun in…Continue Reading “Artist Problems: Saying “Fudge It””

Let’s see here, my last post was… holy-hot-dog-on-a-stick, Batman. June 27. Yeah, a lot has happened since then. A lot is the understatement for Kim v2015. I wish I was exaggerating. It’s like my life was at one point an ongoing tabletop campaign and an old god decided to (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/. (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/ is also an understatement. I love a good understatement. The above statement is an understatement in itself. As you all have noticed (I would hope, haha) that I have taken an abnormal hiatus from…Continue Reading “It All Hangs in the Work-Life Balance”