Just a quick life update about hockey, work, relationship stuff, and traveling! Think about it as that one overloaded, poorly-written filler anime episode where nothing makes sense. Then again, it is my life, so, it often doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That ain’t changin’. Anyway, I got my coffee here so let’s get chattin’! HCKY HCKY LIFE HCKY The live-post monster returns. I have two teams, but for now, I will be referring to the Kings. Mah boys are back with a new third jersey…Continue Reading “Life 25/8: Hockey, Work, Love, & Travels”

During my stay in Vancouver, I discovered my Airbnb host was a Winnipeg Jets fan. I mean, he had a flag in his living room, hanging on the window to his office. How much he was into hockey, I wasn’t really sure, but based on the brief conversation I had with him, it was enough for him to state being Jets fan was better than being a Canucks fan, and saying the Kings were getting old and slow. I know age is a “clear” factor…Continue Reading “Age is… Just a Number?”

Whoo! Finally a Penguins game I can write about, and I’m personally happy that I can. I’ll be honest, I was worried about going to Canada to see my team play as the visiting team and potentially losing, or at worst it not being an exciting game to watch. Boy, I was wrong to doubt them. πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ’› #Pens pic.twitter.com/mDTHItw9Oo — Kim O'Reilly (@BravetheIce) October 28, 2018 First things first, it’s sad to say that the production value of Rogers Arena’s presentation is superb if I…Continue Reading “Penguins @ Canucks Shutout”

Two Kings Games: Not So Much a Recap OCTOBER 23, 2018 Ha. I made these “graphics” forgetting that my website’s background was dark. I’ll fix it next time. FYI, I’ve had this post in DRAFT for a few days. This last week’s been incredibly busy and exhausting for me, but I’m about to fly out to Vancouver as I type this, so I’m sure I’ll want some downtime once I get to my apartment in the downtown. EDIT 10/29. Scratch that, LOL I’m actually in…Continue Reading “Kings in Crisis”

Micro-vacation to Vancouver… is right around the corner! I have one more Kings game I’m attending before I fly out. We’ll be playing against the Sabres. I mixed it up with the Blue Jackets game the weekend following my trip. Nonetheless, I have a very busy October followed by a pretty mellow November and December. It’ll be nice downtime while I ready myself for a much more hectic and vital 2nd-half of the season. I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that I…Continue Reading “12 Days ’Til Vancouver | Hockey You Get it”

Okay, so, I’m not feeling great, but I figured I’d blog something hockey-related. The Kings are currently on their Canadian road trip and… Today we lost against the Winnipeg Jets on their home turf. Right as I was about to start typing, this IG post popped up, and Tyler did a good job summarizing how I’ve felt about the team’s offensive issues thus far. Well, actually, defense too. We’re not doing so well keeping the puck out of our zone. "[Jack's] kept us in both…Continue Reading “Hockey Rambling | Regular NHL Season is On”