Whoo! Finally a Penguins game I can write about, and I’m personally happy that I can. I’ll be honest, I was worried about going to Canada to see my team play as the visiting team and potentially losing, or at worst it not being an exciting game to watch. Boy, I was wrong to doubt them. 🖤💛🖤💛 #Pens pic.twitter.com/mDTHItw9Oo — Kim O'Reilly (@BravetheIce) October 28, 2018 First things first, it’s sad to say that the production value of Rogers Arena’s presentation is superb if I…Continue Reading “Penguins @ Canucks Shutout”

Micro-vacation to Vancouver… is right around the corner! I have one more Kings game I’m attending before I fly out. We’ll be playing against the Sabres. I mixed it up with the Blue Jackets game the weekend following my trip. Nonetheless, I have a very busy October followed by a pretty mellow November and December. It’ll be nice downtime while I ready myself for a much more hectic and vital 2nd-half of the season. I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that I…Continue Reading “12 Days ’Til Vancouver | Hockey You Get it”

It’s funny how traveling almost turns you into a different person, for better or worse—nonetheless travel planning. Despite my flexibility to be spontaneous, there are certain things that I make lists for. Traveling is number one and then there is grocery shopping, followed by the lists I make at work. Google Keep? Didn’t really care much for its existence so much that I removed it from my Chromebook. (Yes, I have a Chromebook, it’s great). Now here I am making lists up the ass for my…Continue Reading “24 Days ‘Til Vancouver | Other Vacay Plans?!”

Interestingly, while I was preparing on what to pack for my trip up to Vancouver for the Nucks v Pens game, making my task lists and all that Type-A personality nonsense, it hit me:   Wait—I’m not traveling to a city in California. … I haven’t checked the weather up there. I should prooooobably do that.   … We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto. Ah, right. I actually need to wear boots and boot socks, stock up on layers, and all that waterproof goodness. A…Continue Reading “A Month Out”