I finally had spent some well-earned vacation time on a mid-week trip. Just going to preface that I have been so busy since… well… January of this year. I believe the last you heard from me was my trip to Denver, last December. Even so, that post was incomplete. And my god, a lot has happened. (Isn’t it kinda obvious)? Thankfully, hockey is just around the corner! So league-craziness will ensue sooner than I expect. I can’t wait to sport the team swag once again….Continue Reading “Us-Time & Seattle Trip”

I’ve had my share of domestic and international travel. Some activity or event filled every waking moment. It’s exciting to explore and take advantage of the time you have in a new “world,” but it can also be overwhelming while you’re on vacation for whatever the reason. Little Things I come from a family who liked to capitalize to “grandeur” events. Long, expensive vacations. History-book tourist traps. Things that make much less fortunate people go, “I wish I could afford to do that.” I became one of those “less…Continue Reading “A Weekender: The Do-Nothing Vacation”

This is specifically about my trip.Go here if you would like to read about the Kings vs Avalanche game! A handful of people wonder why I travel for just hockey, which if you know me there’s more to my travels beyond chasing a puck. Having a hockey game makes it easier to commit to a date and plan things accordingly, especially as a solo-weekender. I’m not huge on wild-/excursion-heavy trips as it is, so I’m completely content with the game being my “most eventful event.”…Continue Reading “Denver, Colorado”

It’s funny how traveling almost turns you into a different person, for better or worse—nonetheless travel planning. Despite my flexibility to be spontaneous, there are certain things that I make lists for. Traveling is number one and then there is grocery shopping, followed by the lists I make at work. Google Keep? Didn’t really care much for its existence so much that I removed it from my Chromebook. (Yes, I have a Chromebook, it’s great). Now here I am making lists up the ass for my…Continue Reading “24 Days ‘Til Vancouver | Other Vacay Plans?!”