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Denver, Colorado

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This is specifically about my trip.
Go here if you would like to read about the Kings vs Avalanche game!

A handful of people wonder why I travel for just hockey, which if you know me there’s more to my travels beyond chasing a puck. Having a hockey game makes it easier to commit to a date and plan things accordingly, especially as a solo-weekender. I’m not huge on wild-/excursion-heavy trips as it is, so I’m completely content with the game being my “most eventful event.”

Outside of that, it’s an adventure on who has the best coffee, breakfast, beer, and whiskey. Or, if your AirBNB gives you the opportunity, simply enjoy the view from your stay, which is something I took advantage of.

It snowed! … I seriously didn’t think it would. 😐

Why Denver?

Without getting into personal details, Colorado was the start of a big chapter in my life that has since come to an end. To be back in the centennial state after said changes, goes a lot deeper than people expect.

To be fair, I “announced” my trip ever-so casually. It’s interesting how I even decided that I was going, no more than a few months ahead of dates.

AirBNB is like my Target for travel stays, meaning it’s dangerous for people who love to spontaneously travel. Once I managed to find a nice crib at a decent price around NYE, it was hard to say no.

My trip to Denver was incredibly worthwhile. My previous visits were to Fort Collins, another city I love that is reminiscent to downtown Pasadena if I had to compare it to a town in California. It had been nearly 4 years since my last visit. I was definitely overdue.

Bar Trivia
Fort Collins is the inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street USA.

I had plans to see the Kings in Calgary in March but I had a feeling that inevitable plans may affect my trip. I just figured that I take care of an away game. So why not the Kings in Denver on New Year’s Eve?

Side note: I would have loved to see the Penguins at St. Paul, MN. I was nowhere prepared for a Minnesota winter or the locale for good eats and entertainment. I wasn’t even prepared for Colorado snow as it was.

Can Eating Food be Considered an Excursion?

The Delicious “Petit Breakfast” | Black Eye Coffee

Being someone who knows how to poach an egg and can eat poached eggs all day if I could, I would have to say that I’ve never had a poached egg on a bed mixed greens before. While I was inhaling the medium-well bacon, I was surprised by the little salad at the bottom of the French onion soup bowl. There I was, eating yolk-smothered lettuce.

The seemingly-homemade blackberry jam was probably the best blackberry jam I’ve ever had. I don’t usually put jam on toast.

Last but not least, the cortado. It was extremely delicious and just the right amount of a caffeine surge. I would have to say the entire meal was pretty delicious, as this plate was licked clean.

Every morning I have a low-carb, gluten-free, vegan breakfast: it’s called coffee.

I semi-promised that I would behave myself when it comes to trying out all the food joints when out of town. I could honestly set aside a budget for only food. If I had all the time and money in the world, I would be visiting every breakfast and coffee spot…

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Distillery

Or perhaps a whiskey distillery that just happened to be five minutes away from your AirBNB?

My visit to Stranahan‘s completed my most basic trifecta of having visited a brewery (New Belgium), a winery (South Coast Winery), and now a whiskey distillery.

I’m not incredibly picky about my whiskeys/whiskys, bourbons, and Scotches. I have my preferences.

The experience on the Stranahan’s tour was very information and educational. I got to eat the roasted barley they distill which, as simple as it was, is pretty cool. It tasted like toasted rice (not surprising).

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

Kings @ Avs

August 26, 2019
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