Everyday Carry | EDC

A list of my favorite bags and items I use for my “everyday” carry (EDC)—from running errands, going to work, flat-trail hiking, flight carry-on, train rides, weekenders, annnnnnnnnnnnnd hockey games!

It’s safe to say that this page is WIP and going to constantly evolve.

I would like to note that Sons of Trade is out of production. I link to their products on third-party sellers for the sake of information. eBay or second-hand (Poshmark) are your best bets in finding the ones I have. Iron and Resin carries some of the other bags to their collection, although not much anymore.

The everyday carry culture has definitely exploded with the Millenials (as I am part of the older mid-80s generation), I would have to say, I really like it.

Although… I’ve never owned so many backpacks/slings in my life?

Also, haha, the wishlist doesn’t necessarily mean I want everything on the list, especially for bags, because, no.

Never leaving home empty-handed.

Things I’m Currently Loving

(These will all be linked below)
Sons of Trade Pioneer
Chrome Industries Kovac
Sons of Trade Satellite (Semi-Retiring)
Yeti Rambler, Fifty/Fifty 18oz
Portable Tripod + iPhone Mount


I was on a huge backpack hunt a few years ago and I forget why. I was very particular about it too—rolltop, waxed canvas, fewer pockets, not fussy.

Pinterest gave me a picture of the Sons of Trade Pioneer (above) and I haven’t looked back. No, seriously, it’s like a celebrity on my Instagram. I mean, I have three of them and bought one for Ger, with the only color that I don’t have being the beautiful obsidian (below). The teak gets the most attention out of them, because it was my first.

Every day Carry | Sons of Trade Pioneer in Obsidian
Sons of Trade Pioneer in Obsidian

It serves as my every-day, commuter, carry-on, and urban bag—also, it’s waterproof, because thank you, waxed canvas. The only problem I have with this bag that I don’t have quick access to something like my wallet, or my keys, unlike my slings.

It’s 21-22L and fits a 15″ laptop though I would advise against putting a laptop in this as it takes any comfort away from the bag. Nonetheless, I can get pretty creative with rolling up my jacket and hooking up my tripod and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

As I have three of them, one of them will be my bug-out bag for the car and/or under the bed.

Shown: Sons of Trade Pioneer in Teak
Walking around | Bainbridge, Washington

What I Own

Sons of Trade Pioneer (my go-to, especially while travelling)
Sons of Trade Tactical Tote
Sons of Trade Surveyor
Sons of Trade Land + Sea Duffle


Any Bag from this Etsy Dude
Mystery Ranch Coulee 25
Mystery Ranch Urban Assault
Chrome Industries MXD Pace Tote
Chrome Industries MXD Fathom
WANDRD Prvke 21L


Once again, Sons of Trade has my heart as my most-loved sling is the Satellite (mine above in Moss and below in Obsidian).

It’s a 10L, making it a great urban errand-running sling, but beyond that, it has a couple of problems: it’s not waterproof nor water-resistant, the hip-side quick-release’s longevity is questionable.

Nonetheless, it’s comfortable, non-fussy, and just one of my favorites. But sadly, I want to slowly retire it because I don’t think it will take the abuse I may unintentionally put it through (like hiking or stretching over time).

So I got a substitute!

Every day Carry | Chrome Industries Kovac in Obsidian
Sons of Trade Satellite in Obsidian

Ger bought me the Chrome Industries Kovac! It’s definitely water-resistant but omg it’s stiff. I’m trying to add it to my everyday carry rotation to break it in a bit. The zipper also likes to fight me around the corners due to the stiffness. It’s gotten better, but that super waterproof front pocket likes to keep its form. The Kovac is 5L, which is a great size.

I’m not TOO much of a purse person when it comes to going to hockey games. So coming in at 3.5L, the Herschel Seventeen hip pack has served as my game day bag.

I may upgrade to the 4.5L Aer Day Sling 2 (that camo color is delicious).

What I Own

Chrome Industries Kovac
Sons of Trade Satellite
Herschel Supply Co. Seventeen (LA Kings and Grey)


Chrome Industries Kadet
Life Behind Bars Slingshot
Mission Workshop Spar (dat price tho)
Code of Bell X-Pac New
Chrome Industries Vale Sling 2.0 (Camo)
Aer Day Sling 2 (Camo)

Necessities & Occasionals

I would have to say that my body has never thanked me so much until I got myself a metal bottle. Well, I have two.

I love my Yeti because it actually does a wonderful job keeping my cold non-iced water cold, and my Fifty/Fifty comes in at a close second but does win in a more comfortable handle, even if it does add a quarter-inch to height.

I find myself using my Yeti more. Even covered it in stickers.

Every day Carry | Yeti Ramble 18oz in River Green
Yeti Rambler 18OZ (Fall color: River Green)

What I Own


iPhone (I mean, c’mon)
Keys + Carabiner + Bottle Opener
Yeti Rambler 18oz
Fifty/Fifty 18oz
Travel Wallet
Traveler’s Notebook (half-size; full-size)
Fidget Cube (they’re fun? lol)

Every day Carry | Lomo'instant Automat Punalu'u (Kickstarter Edition)
Lomo’instant Automat Punalu’u (Kickstarter Edition)


Lomography Lomo’Instant
A Book
Battery Pack
Portable Tripod
iPhone Tripod Mount
Luggage Scale
Tile (App & Tag)
Art Supplies
Field Notes
Food Container
5L Dry Bag
Pocket Blanket


Orbitkey Keychain
CapSnap (I’m a big hat wearer/owner)
Folding utensils
Run-Off Waterproof Pouch
Some Double-Wall Food Jar that won’t take up space
All-Day Carry Multitool (I have a couple, but none that are safe to have on me at all times as they can be considered weapons in most places)
MecArmy Fidget Spinner
Nightcore Tini 380