LA Sportsageddon 2019

First and foremost…
Yay, the Pens won their opening night against the Stanley Cup Champs!
Amazing fucking job, Letang! My boi!
Much respect to the Caps though, primarily Ovie.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s sports season in Los Angeles.
You know what that means?

Painful… painful, shitty traffic.

Tonight there was a Dodgers v Braves game at the Dodger Stadium, so naturally, my commute became super congested with cars and humans and cars again. I’m not a baseball person—feel free to judge me—so I can’t relate to all of these people who really want to be at this game. Haha My neighbor came back from that game as I was typing this.

But, let’s be real. It’s not just baseball that causes traffic. Just in the greater Los Angeles area alone, we have nine major professional sports teams.

NHL / Kings

NFL / Chargers, Rams

NBA / Lakers (thanks, LeBron), Clippers

MLB / Dodgers, Angels (yeah, I know… lol)

MLS / Galaxy, LAFC

OWL / Valiant, Gladiators

Threw in eSports (Overwatch League) for the hell of it because they do have a big presence out here especially with the Blizzard Arena in Burbank. The Anaheim Ducks are right down the freeway, with the San Diego Padres much further down, they kick the Southern California pro team count to 13.

Quite a while ago, there were talks of relocating the Sacramento Kings to Anaheim. People kicked and screamed over it, justifiably, so the relocation obviously did not happen. Could you imagine the uptime at Staples Center? Poor Honda Center as well. o_o I personally wouldn’t be able to audibly and verbally handle two Kings teams.

 “The Anaheim Kings will be playing after the LA Kings tonight on NBC!”

Or just my NBA friends talking to me.

“Did you see that Kings game? … I mean the basketball team, Kim.
Gawd, not everything has to do with hockey.”

In speaking of the LA Kings, their opening night is tomorrow and they face the Sharks. 🦈

Didn’t know Sharks were talented ballroom dancers.

Lol, poor Cam though. I was attending Ducks games frequently around when he first debuted on the team, he was such a babyface! I mean, he still is. But despite how much this video makes it look like the Sharks were killing it opening night, they ended up losing. The Kings lost both pre-season games to the Ducks.

Meaning… Kings v Sharks should be an even matchup! Right? … Maybe not.
Let’s assume Doughty keeps a clear head and the blue-liners don’t get dangled in humiliation.

On the flipside, Ducks, why weren’t you killers back when I was still living down in OC?

I will more than likely be at work when the match starts, but the Dodgers will be having their 2nd game against the Braves at 6:30pm. The Kings game starts at 7:30pm. This sets up my commute to be predictably abysmal.

Unfortunately (maybe fortunately?) did not get the opening night in my package, which is fine! I’ll be at the Sunday game vs the Wings. And to be brutally honest, I’d rather see the Sharks on their (surf’n)turf. … See those third jerseys in person. 👀 And I’m interested in seeing Karlsson’s integration into the team so far in play.

So, crazy idea. I’m attending the game when the Knights are in town on Dec 29th. There’s a Ducks @ Sharks game on the 27th. 🤔 So… Maybe. Huh.

And it looks like the 27th is a stealth night, meaning the third jersey will be worn.

Just huh. Ideas. Also reminded myself I have to get the Pens @ Kings game onto my season.

Just now realized the EK².