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Live with a Side of OMFG

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Apologies! I have been stupid busy with life—work, being sick (twice), prepping for potentially significant life changes (which has proven to be a lot more difficult than I had projected).

I haven’t been able to catch broadcasts for hockey games I’m not in attendance, nonetheless keeping up-to-date via Twitter.

Lately, when I get home, I crash like an old lady, or I’m working on freelance and personal projects until two in the morning. If I’m feeling burnt-out, I stream a PS4 game (as my friends are what we now call “cloud gamers”) or myself drawing.

I’m a busy girl. It helps me sleep at night though!
Because you know… I’m exhausted. LOL

With how busy I am, I’m steering the direction of this blog to my life with a side of hockey. Not to worry, I’m not here to talk about intimately personal stuff. Just the typical subjects I’ve written about here thus far: hockey, books, traveling, and now maybe creative careers and the life that revolves around it, touching on a bit of the lone-wolf social life I have.

Pretty much, my blog is about chaos. Lol

I actually have a lot of crap to write. The holidays are right around the corner so I’ll have the time to zen out and write a bit.

Until then, happy holidays!

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