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Opening Night | Sharks @ Kings

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I should’ve worn my boujie Kings jacket.

Apologies ahead of time, this is going to be a “quick” blog because I have shit to do today. If I sound like I’m all over the place or talking out of my ass, then… I’m just running at 100 miles per hour to prep for my trip for Vancouver because if I don’t prepare now, the week-of will be fucking disastrous. LOL!


I know I said I wasn’t attending the opener, I actually managed to snag a ticket. Despite the… results lol, I’m actually glad I went!

Sitting in Premier

How did I get the ticket? I’m that person who camps tickets on SeatGeek within the 2-3 hours span of a game starting. Season holders try to sell their tickets out of desperation sometimes and I got my seat for 1/2-1/3 of the price.

This was my first-time experience sitting in the Premier VIP area at Staples and I would have to say, as much as the view is nearly perfect for me, the “atmosphere” is not my thing. LOL!

No one else apparently was camping tickets so… leg room!

It doesn’t compare to the “chill casualness” of the Club seats at the Honda Center (home of Ana Ducks) to be honest. Premier felt… too boujie for me.

Would I sit in Premiere again? Maybe if I had a group of friends who have kids. Why the kids part? I know it can be a hassle to get food and stuff, so there’s the convenience or ordering through the waiters who wander around, but at that point, we may as well get a box. Hahah

I look forward to nesting back into my 108 section for the regular season. There’s something about my seat being cozy. I like getting up and walking around during intermission. I’ll be in row 8 if you happen to be there during one of my games and want to lurk my existence.

The Sharks

It was a much different feel from the Ducks-Kings pre-season match on 9/29.

Whenever the Sharks are in town, the mood of the game is amplified. In my opinion, they’re a great rival and I always enjoy their visits.

As a team, they have been known at times to not have a consistent offense as far as carrying is concerned, but this time around, their third line is dangerous—bitey? lol—with great chemistry. But I believe their inconsistency overall is what keeps them away from the Stanley Cup, not to say that acquiring the cup is an easy feat in itself. (Unless you’re the Penguins. lolololololol .. *clears thoat*)

Are they deserving of a win? Eventually, yes.

So with the Sharks being an electrifying team, that energy occasionally bleeds into their opponent, in this case, the Kings. The Kings weren’t as sloppy as the last time I saw them when they were playing the Ducks, and they weren’t out two men, you know, at the beginning of the first period. Let’s just be grateful that it was pre-season then.

Coincidentally, I did predict—however slightly jokingly—in my last post that the Sharks-Kings matchup might be pretty even on the assumption that the Kings defence didn’t get danced around. Well, they did get danced around which is a good portion of the reason why the SOG was higher on the Sharks side, but as far as scoring is concerned, it was pretty equal seeing how close the final score was.

… Then we get Banc’d in OT.

The Kings

When we take into consideration all the PPs the Kings were given and didn’t entirely take advantage of? Yeah, it’s pretty much our fault. It doesn’t help that Brown, who is a high scorer, was absent due to injury. But having Kovalchuk alongside Kopi should help. Should. Kopi can be inconsistent and choppy, which is super unfortunate because his potential to be inarguably amazing is there. He has his great moments which are also inarguably great.

The Kings aren’t a high-scoring team so we definitely need a line of shooters. Brave ones at that as I saw a decent amount of hesitance during times they were driving towards the net.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Kings missed out on the 2017 Finals and in 2018 they didn’t win a single finals game. They have had obvious issues rebuilding themselves since 2014.

A Comparison

If I had to compare my gut-feeling about them to another gut-feeling I’ve had, it’s very similar to when the Ducks were at their lowest following their last cup win in 2007 under Carlyle. As far as what I can remember, they weren’t gutsy and became… complacent… being what looked like a defensive-only team. Meaning they were also low-scoring and not driving much at all.

After four years, Carlyle was relieved in 2011 and was replaced with Boudreau who was just relieved by the Caps. Boudreau didn’t do too shabby of a job putting the gear back into offense for the regular season, but the issues were their success in the playoffs which clearly did not happen under his command.

Now they are back with Carlyle and Boudreau is out. Weird? Kinda. Lol

So I bring this up because it’s strangely parallel to the situation with the Kings going from Darryl Sutter to John Stevens, which… lol. I laugh because, man, I feel kinda bad for the pressure that falls on Stevens. I can’t imagine what it was like for him in 2017, but you can see the underlying struggle in rebuilding team who hasn’t necessarily fallen from grace but they’re not exactly at their reminiscent level of greatness… for now.

It’s only the first game in the season. An important one? Depends on who you ask.

So far I see the potential pattern of bad habits forming down the line this season, but I’m going to stay hopeful that they kill these habits well-before finals.

Please. .-.

Please kill these habits. LOL!

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