Two Kings Games: Not So Much a Recap OCTOBER 23, 2018 Ha. I made these “graphics” forgetting that my website’s background was dark. I’ll fix it next time. FYI, I’ve had this post in DRAFT for a few days. This last week’s been incredibly busy and exhausting for me, but I’m about to fly out to Vancouver as I type this, so I’m sure I’ll want some downtime once I get to my apartment in the downtown. EDIT 10/29. Scratch that, LOL I’m actually in…Continue Reading “Kings in Crisis”

Micro-vacation to Vancouver… is right around the corner! I have one more Kings game I’m attending before I fly out. We’ll be playing against the Sabres. I mixed it up with the Blue Jackets game the weekend following my trip. Nonetheless, I have a very busy October followed by a pretty mellow November and December. It’ll be nice downtime while I ready myself for a much more hectic and vital 2nd-half of the season. I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that I…Continue Reading “12 Days ’Til Vancouver | Hockey You Get it”

Okay, so, I’m not feeling great, but I figured I’d blog something hockey-related. The Kings are currently on their Canadian road trip and… Today we lost against the Winnipeg Jets on their home turf. Right as I was about to start typing, this IG post popped up, and Tyler did a good job summarizing how I’ve felt about the team’s offensive issues thus far. Well, actually, defense too. We’re not doing so well keeping the puck out of our zone. "[Jack's] kept us in both…Continue Reading “Hockey Rambling | Regular NHL Season is On”

Apologies ahead of time, this is going to be a “quick” blog because I have shit to do today. If I sound like I’m all over the place or talking out of my ass, then… I’m just running at 100 miles per hour to prep for my trip for Vancouver because if I don’t prepare now, the week-of will be fucking disastrous. LOL! Anyhoo…! I know I said I wasn’t attending the opener, I actually managed to snag a ticket. Despite the… results lol, I’m actually…Continue Reading “Opening Night | Sharks @ Kings”

First and foremost… Yay, the Pens won their opening night against the Stanley Cup Champs! Amazing fucking job, Letang! My boi! Much respect to the Caps though, primarily Ovie. When you beat the defending Stanley Cup Champs in your home opener 💯 — Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) October 5, 2018 Now that’s out of the way, it’s sports season in Los Angeles. You know what that means? Tonight there was a Dodgers v Braves game at the Dodger Stadium, so naturally, my commute became super…Continue Reading “LA Sportsageddon 2019”

It’s funny how traveling almost turns you into a different person, for better or worse—nonetheless travel planning. Despite my flexibility to be spontaneous, there are certain things that I make lists for. Traveling is number one and then there is grocery shopping, followed by the lists I make at work. Google Keep? Didn’t really care much for its existence so much that I removed it from my Chromebook. (Yes, I have a Chromebook, it’s great). Now here I am making lists up the ass for my…Continue Reading “24 Days ‘Til Vancouver | Other Vacay Plans?!”