Just a quick life update about hockey, work, relationship stuff, and traveling! Think about it as that one overloaded, poorly-written filler anime episode where nothing makes sense. Then again, it is my life, so, it often doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That ain’t changin’. Anyway, I got my coffee here so let’s get chattin’! HCKY HCKY LIFE HCKY The live-post monster returns. I have two teams, but for now, I will be referring to the Kings. Mah boys are back with a new third jersey…Continue Reading “Life 25/8: Hockey, Work, Love, & Travels”

Apologies! I have been stupid busy with life—work, being sick (twice), prepping for potentially significant life changes (which has proven to be a lot more difficult than I had projected). I haven’t been able to catch broadcasts for hockey games I’m not in attendance, nonetheless keeping up-to-date via Twitter. Lately, when I get home, I crash like an old lady, or I’m working on freelance and personal projects until two in the morning. If I’m feeling burnt-out, I stream a PS4 game (as my friends…Continue Reading “Live with a Side of OMFG”

I want to state this: going by yourself to a game isn’t weird. As long as you’re not the one being weird. Don’t be weird. Here I am buying a single-seat season ticket for the LA Kings and booking a trip to Vancouver alone, and the plans continue. I’m very much looking forward to meeting my section neighbors for the year. It’s not weird. Humans are social creatures, there’s the obvious expectation (or even obligation) to be non-stop extroverted. Surprise: we’re not all like that….Continue Reading “Going Solo to a Hockey (or any sport) Game”